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Policosanol is a natural mixture of higher aliphatic alcohols, found in plant waxes. Sugarcane wax is a common commercial source. The components of policosanol include 1-octacosanol, 1- dotriacontanol, 1-tetracosanol, 1-tetratria-contanol, 1-hexacosanol, 1- heptacosanol and 1-nonacosanol. This mixture of alcohols is clinically proven to be effective in maintaining normal cholesterol levels. Preclinical and clinical studies published in scientific literature reveal that Policosanol beneficially influences cholesterol metabolism (Gouni-Berthold, 2002; Menindez, 1994; Menindez, 1996). The healthful role of policosanol in cosmetic and personal care formulations is described in a recent US Patent (Majeed, et al., 2007) that details a solvent free extraction process for policosanol from natural sources. This patent describes an innovative process for producing commercial quantities of policosanol containing 70 to 95 percent C28 fatty alcohol (Octacosanol) along with other lower chain length fatty alcohols, for use in cosmeceutical applications designed to control sebum, inhibit the growth of microbes and promote hydration and softening of the skin. Moreover, the process of extraction is solvent free so that it has low environmental impact.



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